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To Ampia Vista, a specialized consulting practice that helps creative service providers win business and deliver better solutions to clients in the health insurance category. We’re dedicated to supporting advertising, brand and interactive agencies, media outlets and sports marketers as you navigate the complexities, idiosyncrasies and contradictions that are intrinsic to your clients’ business.

Health insurance is a space where much of the category knowledge is bound tightly within client organizations who lack the time and resources to share it — even with key strategic partners. And though we live in a magic age of information, the availability and quality of resources to inform you regarding your clients’ business context is often frustratingly thin and fragmented. We can help you remedy that.

Ampia Vista, translated literally, means “wide view” — and when it comes to the business of health insurance, that’s where we start. We finish with the skill to distill that knowledge to the key insights that help you deliver results with greater efficiency, confidence and polish.


  • Zero Trends

    Looking for research-based insights on creating a culture of health? Dr. Dee Edington’s work is a great place to start.

  • 👥

    Kaiser Family Foundation

    Here’s one of the best research and policy organizations addressing topics on healthcare and health coverage.

  • America’s Health Insurance Plan

    Yes, this represents the parochial views of an industry trade association. But this provides some macro-level exposure to the perspective of health plans.

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